Mo had begun his Real Estate career early on in life. He couldn’t be more excited.
He seeks any and every opportunity to share his strengths, spirit and efficiency about Real Estate to his clients. Constantly being referred to as the ‘Rookie’ of the industry, has only motivated him to win the Rookie of the Year trophy.
Mo grew up in the diversified Durham region.  Growing up in the environment of sales, it was quickly brought to his attention the effect he carries on his clients. The comfort, happiness, laughter and satisfaction his clients received was the ultimate success and wealth he hoped to attain.
With multiple years of successfully operating his self-owned business, Mo gradually developed a mature drive to refine his career choice to helping his clients making the most vast purchase of their life, Real Estate.
His dedication and devotion has helped his entry to the Raka Paul Team. His intensity to succeed in each and every customer relation is the soul drive to his success.  Mo chases every opportunity to confidently providecustomer satisfaction and passionately project his knowledge and experience to further educate his clients about the Real Estate Industry. The level of love and customer appreciation he receives is the core of his business. That is what makes him your sales representative. He will settle for nothing less.

Mo said in his interview: “Through years of retail and sales experience, the biggest rule of thumb I have learned is: “ treat others how you would like to be treated”
I must say, I love being treated like a king! So my friends and clients receive nothing short of it. The Real Estate profession is one of a kind.
When done correctly, this profession will take away all your time.
But you see, that’s what I love about it!
This is my life. 
Not looking to buy or sell?
Don’t worry, still shoot me a message!
Lets talk about them good’ol Raptors!”
The odd time when Mo is away from the business, his sole satisfaction is time spent with family. Being the baby of the house, he loves being the social voice of all the jokes and laughter. 
“Time spent with family is a true realization of the core value of life. There is nothing beyond it. After all, I work this hard to enjoy it with my family!” –said Mo

Why Choose Mo?
From the first call to the last, Mo will treat you with the same warmth, welcome and intensity to help.  Before, during and after the transaction,  Mo will continuously prioritize your questions. He will fight for the house that fits your dream. He will not stop looking until he completes that dream.
An identical approach he takes when helping the members of his family and rest assured, he will do no less for you. 
With all his experiences combined, it makes Mo a highly trained and active individual in the day to day activities of Real Estate.
“Sharing your Milestone with you”